Latampaper 2021 Mexico: Great Attendance of Latin American Papermakers.

An atmosphere of warm camaraderie allowed an important group of papermakers and tissue converters to review technological advances and discuss the possibilities that the suppliers attending the event can offer to their mills.  The attendees participated in three days of intense and varied activities focused on solving their plants' problems.  All this was possible thanks to an impeccable organization coordinated in every detail by the organizers and the executives of the Hilton Reforma hotel in Mexico City where the event was held.

Following the success of this event, the organizers are planning Latampaper 2022 Brazil, scheduled for November 2022 in Sao Paulo.


High Level Technical Presentations and Many Innovations.   


The technical program was full of topics of interest to the attendees.  Short and well focused technical presentations that allowed the attendees to take advantage of the event without generating fatigue. Very innovative topics were presented that were undoubtedly appreciated by the papermakers.

After the lectures, the exhibitors could be consulted in the Exhibition Hall about the developments they had presented.


Covid protection.

The event took place in full compliance with the recommendations to prevent the spread of Covid.


Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving.

This forum was a great success and was coordinated by Robert Weber of Turboservice International. 

It was of great practical utility thanks to the disinterested and open participation of papermakers and specialists related to the energy area. Homero Ortiz: Plant Manager of Kimberly Clark Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, Daniel Velasquez, Conversion Group Leader of Alas Doradas, El Salvador, Jorge Coral, specialist in the energy sector and Robert Weber himself.

They reviewed aspects related to procedures, priorities, efficiency guidelines and even legislation to be considered.  It was a great contribution to this area that weighs so heavily on plant costs.



Technical Exhibition in a Distended Atmosphere.



The Exhibition Hall allowed for personal interaction and networking between Latin American papermakers and suppliers who brought technical innovations.  The size of the hall allowed to maintain the required social distance and at the same time allowed a fluid exchange of fruitful contacts.


Recognition of the merits of Papermakers and Suppliers.




During the event, the Latampaper Lifetime Achievements Awards were presented to four people who have contributed significantly to the development of the paper industry in a sustainable manner.  The awards were presented to Marcel Lensvelt, founder and CEO of Feltest, Felipe Quintino, founder and CEO of Tissue Online, Antonio Bruni, CEO of Grand Bay Paper & Care Products and Manuel Alcalá, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Brazil.   All of them have been committed to the Paper Industry since the beginning of their professional careers.


Fellowship and healthy camaraderie.

One of the highlights of this event was the cordial atmosphere that allowed for the exchange of ideas and human emotions after so many months of restrictions due to the Covid issue. Among the many moments that fostered camaraderie, there was a spectacular Mexican folkloric show that rewarded the participants for their technical contribution and for seeking solutions and improvements for their plants.