Latampaper Achievement Award is an honor we offer to people who have left an indelible mark in our industry and helped make it more sustainable and productive.

We made a decision of recognizing the hard and smart work of people rather than products or companies accomplishments. And the reason is that behind any product development, behind any company success there are PEOPLE.

We believe these people, who work in difficult environments, who face enormous pressure to help our industry improve and stay sustainable, need sincere and emotive recognition.

We will every year select a few papermakers and a few suppliers whose careers can be shown as examples of dedication, perseverance and achievement.

Awards are handed out during the Ceremony Dinner. 




We have selected for the Suppliers two people who, with their sustained, detailed and continuous work, have managed to turn a small workshop that started practically from scratch, into a technological leader in the manufacture of machines and accessory equipment for the papermaking industry. We are referring to Germano and Emilio Purnhagen who made the miracle of placing Hergen as a company of world-class presence and technological quality.

Germano Purnhagen succeeded his father, the founder of Hergen, a few years after the foundation of the company and in less than 8 years, in 1988, he was able to successfully deliver a complete papermaking machine with a capacity of 120 tons per day.
His work has been continued by his son Emilio Purnhagen. He has maintained the search for technical improvement and has also sought to consolidate the brand as well as to give the company an international presence.
It has been a technological consolidation and national and international development that has undoubtedly contributed to the progress and sustainability of the papermaking industry that we recognize to each one of them.



Our tribute this year goes to Cesar Moskewen, Damapel's Technical Director for his achievements in seeking and improving the quality of papermaker products in the industries where he has developed his work.

A great and continuous work for the advancement of equipment, efficiency and quality in the production and conversion of tissue paper and its products.

Of his 51 years of life, he has dedicated more than 30 to his professional activity within the tissue world.  He has participated in 4 papermaker machine start-up projects and numerous conversion line projects and installations.  All this always with a focus on continuous production and quality advancement.  One of his greatest achievements has been the management of a team in charge of the implementation of innovative and sustainable projects, which is a pioneer team in Brazil in the tissue sector.

A career full of continuous successes which have contributed to the development of the Brazilian Pulp and Paper industry. 

And all this without forgetting his biggest project: raising his two daughters together with his beloved wife.